Origin: South Africa

Flower colour: Varies from purple to dark read to light rosa, with green dots.

Flowering period: February - April

Average plant height: 50 centimeters

Planting depth to base of bulb: 5 centimeters

Spacing between bulbs: 15 cm for smaller size bulbs and 25 centimeters for larger sizes

Type of bulb: bulb

Light requirements: Veltheimia should not be exposed to direct sunlight. At higher temperatures shaded locations are a must. They can survive light frost, but only in locations with no direct early morning sunlight

Applications: In borders and in pots. Veltheimia is suitable as a cut flower. Should not be exposed to frost, and have to grow in above 4 degrees Celsius conditions. Ideal as a pot plant for indoor decoration. Veltheimia is a perennial bulb that does well in shady gardens. Veltheimia functions best if not disturbed or relocated.

Two variations are well known Veltheimia bracteata and Veltheimia capensis.

Veltheimia bracteata was first introduced in 1768, Veltheimia capensis a lot later in 1928. Capensis flowers earlier then bracteata and stays smaller.